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A missing ingredient is something, that without it, makes an endeavor doomed for failure. Let’s look at chef preparing a 5 star meal with a fantastic recipe. He spends time shopping for the best ingredients, spends hours slicing and dicing as he prepares the meal fit for a king. However, if he is missing a critical ingredient, the meal is doomed to failure! All that time and energy wasted. Such a shame.


I am sure you will agree, many things have a critical ingredient.


Let’s look at your missing ingredient.


You spend valuable time speaking to potential customers, you spend valuable time creating artistic renderings of his sign. Maybe a few more customer meetings to fine tune the concept.


Then you create the final masterpiece. You then need to spend time figuring out your cost, then spend time computing your margin and more time creating the final proposal.  It is amazing one has enough time to do all this! The big day comes when your potential customer arrives and you stop what you are doing and you review your proposal with your customer. At the very end, you look into his eyes and say, “And Mr. Customer, the cost for this sign is $30,000”.





In a millisecond, your customer thinks the following: “My car needs new tires, the kids tuition is due and my wife is planning our vacation”. He immediately looks at you and says “LET ME THINK ABOUT IT”!


He then does an about face and walks out the door. As the door slams shut a gust of wind blows your proposal on the floor. The eighth one this month. Let’s face it. You may be a great sign designer, a great sign builder and a great sign installer. But if this scenario sounds familiar, you may not be such a great sign seller!


You are missing a critical ingredient! You need a finance option! Think about it, if you opened a car dealership and your first customer agreed to purchase the $30,000 car but you offered no finance or lease option, how long would you be in business? You would be out of business in three weeks!


Let SIGN LEASECO provide you a finance option so that on your next deal you can say, “Mr. Customer, I am glad you love this sign, and it is only going to cost you $800.00 a month”. To which he will say “I can afford that monthly payment, I’ll take it!”


Stop quoting and start selling! Start adding the “missing ingredient” to your sign sales success!!

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